Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about us. We are a small team of 3 (1 Australian, 1 American and 1 Brit!) and we operate the 3 SHOOT BABY! stores located in the USA, Australia and the UK.

The SHOOT BABY! store was created back in 2008 when newborn photography was really starting to grow in popularity. The idea of the store originally came about from the dissatisfaction I had with my beanbag at the time. My babies keep sinking into the beanbag and they were too close to the edge of the beanbag for my liking!

I thought about it for some months and decided that a more suitable beanbag would be shorter, wider and firmer. The only problem was this type of beanbag wasn’t readily available. I also discovered that I could do with a few other bits and pieces (that also weren’t on the market). Products that would make photographing newborns that bit easier. Less than one year later, the Ottoman Posing Beanbag was ‘born’ (excuse the pun!) and was the first product to be sold in the SHOOT BABY! store.

The Australian SHOOT BABY! store started trading in September of 2009. By February 2011, the store was doing so well, we opened a branch in the USA. Another year on and we opened a store in the UK (in January 2013). 

Thank you to all our customers for your business. We look forward to bringing you some exciting new products in the future and wish you the very best in your photographic journey/career/hobby.

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Providing essential products for newborn and baby portraiture since 2009.